Esarunoto Emaa




Sound education is a foundation for a better life. Academic and cultural instruction are equally vital. The customs and traditions of the community guide and ground the society while advancing one’s culture. Academia provides tools to contribute in a modernising economy and to attain economic independence. Esarunoto Emaa works to advance these foundations with dignity through our children and women for the people of the Monduli and Longido wards and districts.

Esarunoto Emaa is a Maasai word which means to deliver or receive help or to be elevated from a needful circumstance. This organisation is determined to deliver and help Maasai children and women through education, ecology, and equality.

Esarunoto Emaa aims to empower the Maasai people of Tanzania so that they can make well-informed decisions affecting their culture and future, and to minimise permanent migration of young men and women from the community into urban areas,

sometimes known as the “brain drain”.

Muli-purpose rooms will first be used for children meals and as an afternoon market venue from which to sell the community women’s crafts. The next phase will include a more purpose-built facility for local craft sales/fabrication, plant medicine and traditional healer clinic. A traditional medicine garden will likely be planted near the facility. The budget for each phase is USD 20,000 to address facility construction and school programming.

Artwork credit: Peter Ray of the Sanaa Gallery of Arusha, Tanzania

The Mto Wa Mbu Community Project

We are seeking support to build a community-based school and centre to formalise an existing pre-school program in Mto Wa Mbu, Monduli District. A multi-phase effort is envisioned, starting with the construction of one or two simple classrooms and multi-purpose room.